Safety Plans


To all AYBA affiliated Clubs

These Samples and Templates below have been written and/or collated by Janet Watkins from the AYBA. You are welcome to download these and tailor them to suit your clubs requirements. Simply click on the highlighted areas.

Safety Plans – Samples & Templates:


  1. Risk Management & Safety Action Plan for Clubs..
  2. Equipment Checklist
  3. Basic First Aid

An action Plan which considers all possible accident & hazard areas to be considered for the safe operation of all yachting & boating clubs.

It can be used as a template, a working document and should be reviewed regularly to ensure the safety of all activities are duly considered.

  1. On Water Hazard plan – from Auckland City Council Template

This is based on the template supplied by the Auckland City Council and should consider all on the water activities when hosting an event in the Auckland Region.

It can be used as a template and adapted for other Regions

  1. On Shore Hazard Plan – from Auckland City Council Template

As above. (This is still only a DRAFT document – to be updated shortly!)
This will vary in accordance with local body rules and facilities available.

  1. SAFETY PLAN Booklet

(This prints well as an A5 Booklet – Go Printer Properties, Page Set up, Booklet.)

This is a document set out to cover most aspects for the safe management of an on the water event. It can be printed in booklet form and issued to all club officials and volunteers for their general information. Edit as appropriate.

  1. Safety Operating Policy & Procedures – Sail Auckland 2014.

This document is based on 5. (Above) and completed for Sail Auckland.

Contacts are to be added & will be printed & laminated as a separate sheet for all.

  1. Sailing Instruction Inclusions – Safety & Shipping:

The first of these inclusions for the Sailing Instructions is advisable when working with fleets that cover large areas often beyond the visual range of all rescue boats.

The second inclusion is essential when fleets encroach on or cross shipping lanes – it is in accordance with the relevant Maritime Rules and enables the penalising of sailors for infringing Harbour By-laws and causing possible hazards.

  1. PATROL BOAT – Safety Boat Instructions.

This document is for the safe operating of all patrol & rescue boats. The safety plan is based on the course areas as defined in the Sailing Instructions and should be edited accordingly.

It should be printed double sided, laminated and issued to all crews prior to leaving the shore.

  1. VHF Instructions

Basic instructions for inexperienced user!

All comments, suggestions, amendments or additions accepted with thanks.

Janet W.