What we do

On behalf of the 17,000 members of boating clubs in this area, AYBA provides:-

  • Regional coordination of the centreboard and keelboat Racing Programme
    • Printed annually in The Boaties Book
    • Updated during the year on the AYBA website
  • Input to resource management issues
    • Involvement in coastal and other planning done by local government
    • Submissions on applications for marine farms, jetties, moorings, etc
  • Meetings of club delegates to discuss issues and share experiences
  • Encouragement of interaction between clubs
    • To learn from successes and standardise common practices
    • To pool resources for major events and regattas
  • Funding support for coaching and training initiatives for Auckland boaties
  • Provision of VHF radio Channel 66 beyond Auckland harbour and Channel 4 which covers from Tamaki to Hobsonville
  • Installation of a light on Rotoroa Island at Lat/Long 36.49.39S 175.11.99E
  • Contact point for public enquiries about boating clubs in the Auckland area

AYBA encourages boaties to join a boating club. AYBA’s affiliated clubs are listed here showing types of boats they cater for – centreboard, keelboats, runabouts, and launches – and for various activities – learning, racing, and cruising.

The benefits of club membership include

  • Programmes of events and activities
  • Club facilities
  • Comradeship
  • Advantages under various pieces of legislation